TSA and Brownlee Dean Join Forces as New Company Brownlee Cale

May 19th 2022

May 2022 sees the launch of Brownlee Cale, the result of a merger between two national construction and engineering recruitment businesses.

We want to start by thanking each and every one of our customers for supporting us throughout the pandemic. We learned so much more about you and are humbled by your engagement with us, as both Brownlee Dean and TSA.

Brownlee Cale is the product of our combined years of experience and learning, and represents a new and exciting future for us as we move forward together.

A renewed focus on customer success

We want to give more back to our customers as we continue to drive for higher standards in our industry. To do this, we have combined resources to form Brownlee Cale.

Our new motto is about resilience and focus. ‘Come what may’, encapsulates our aim to support our customers, no matter what happens.

Our team’s approach, values and metrics are all based on delivering a seamless experience to you.

Whilst our short term focus is to maximise your ROI, the bigger picture is to recruit people into jobs where wellbeing and livelihoods align to your long term plans and business culture.

Brownlee Cale’s foundations

The industries we work in solve complex problems to provide solutions to the world – so we can all live more sustainably.

In 2021, Brownlee Dean and TSA came together to carry out a landmark piece of work, Vision 2021, to understand how we can support our customers in these industries to thrive.

We declared that business and recruitment as usual was not sustainable. Recruitment cannot succeed when candidates fail, and sadly too many of our customers had told us stories of substandard recruiting. So we explored sustainable long term approaches to ensure this no longer happens.

Our exploration showed us that we should lay a new path to ensure successful business and recruitment partnerships.

The result? A company that partners with its clients to support sustainable recruitment practices that lead to much bigger and better things.

Brownlee Cale’s future

Our goal is to stand out as better than the rest, and recruiting the right people is only one small part of the equation.

Possibly even more important is to retain great teams and embed collaboration across your business culture. It’s the key to creating truly collaborative ecosystems and adding sustainable value.

Our new brand encompasses a larger team and bolstered expertise, but the same focus on delivering success for our customers that we have always had.

Ultimately, whether you are looking for a new role, or are an organisation that needs to rethink its people strategy, we want to change the way you feel about work.

What awesome customer success looks like

We care about your success, that’s why you can trust the Brownlee Cale team to deliver much more than recruitment:

  • A focus on increasing your return on investment
  • Convenient people solutions including competence frameworks, compliance diagnostic checks, trend analysis
  • A former IS0 9001 Auditor in our top team as our Quality Manager
  • Support with your policy to achieve carbon net zero goals
  • IR35 compliance support using the most comprehensive assessment tool on the market
  • A partner that aligns with your Corporate Social Responsibility aims

Please do browse our new website and let us know what you think.

Speak to us

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